Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umeå University 18-22 September 2006.
Estetiskt Uppror – Aesthetic Uproar, the result: A publication that have been all about energy and doing, about getting started with out fear. About the power of art and what can be done when you let that energy run free.


This workshop have been a great co-operation between 11 persons that have been on a one week search for something magical and fantastic:
Elisabeth Frieberg in search of the exceptional.
Sophie Leevars in search of something beyond the story.
Nils Johan Sjöquist in search of the man and the child.
Camilla Påhlsson in search of the space in between.
Rasmus West in search of his grandfather.
Mariel Rosendahl in search of poetry and the myth behind the artist.
Michael Nilsson in search of the word on the street.
Linda Spjut in search of the night and the club of life.
Emma-Lina Ericson in search of the understanding.
Lars Hedelin in search of his body.
Fredric Gunve in search of the cure against despair.


We will, with help from Vivienne Westwood and Beau Brummell, start an uproar by using aesthetics. The main point will be doing and being . We will tap into the energy that the punk movement left for us to use, we will ban the fear of being wrong and the low self-esteem that can hinder us to reach beyond our expectations. We will show the art world what can be done when you let art be driven by it´s own powers.

The workshop Estetiskt Uppror–Aesthetic Uproar is about energy and how artists can use themselves, how to dress, act and behave in there art and life The workshops main goal is to unleash the students potential and start new ways for their art to act. It will give the students the self-confidence to build there own platforms for what they want to accomplish with their art.

The workshop will start with a lecture on different inspiring ways to use your self as a stage for art and as an art object. Part of the workshop will be intervention and action based.
The result will be a publication that will be published on gallery Massmas web page: and on:
The workshop is process driven and might take different kinds of forms according to different students way of doing art.


This is the beginning of a process and maybe the beginning of a new Publication and a new magazine. OUTRAGEOUS UMEÅ have published it´s first issue, and maybe some of the eleven participants will continue and make issue number two. Only the future knows.

Fredric Gunve, September 2006

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